Potential Benefits

Heavy demand and limited supply

The long-term supply and demand imbalance of the industry can create a rising tide that may prove beneficial to parking owners and investors.

The ability to be leased to any number of parking operators

This allows the property owner flexibility and pricing power.

Potential for cash flow

Parking investments may generate cash flow in excess of taxable income.

Relatively low capital expenditures

Traditionally, parking real estate has minimal maintenance required for upkeep, and is often leased to an operator on a triple net basis.

Possible hedge against inflation

Historically, real estate, including parking, has served as a hedge during inflationary times.

Potential for redevelopment

The land value of a parking facility may have the potential for additional revenue opportunities via a sale for development on the property.

Opportunity for geographic diversification

Parking lots and facilities can be found in any metropolitan location, and many suburban areas, presenting a geographically diverse investment opportunity.

Generally no leasing commissions

If a tenant operating a facility terminates its lease, replacement operators can generally be found quickly, minimizing any dark period.

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We may acquire properties in parts of the United States and Canada where we do not have extensive experience. Any parking facilities we acquire or invest in will face intense competition, which may adversely affect rental and fee income. Our leases expose us to certain risks. Please see “Risks Related to Our Investments” in the Prospectus.