Investor Highlights

The Parking REIT, Inc. is a publicly registered, non-traded real estate investment trust (REIT) that intends to invest in a portfolio of parking facilities located throughout the United States and Canada. We will focus our investments primarily on parking lots, parking garages and other parking structures.

stock_couple_01Investment Objectives

  • Preserve, protect and return your capital contribution;
  • provide periodic distributions once we have aquired a substantial portfolio or investments; and
  • Realize Growth in the value of our investments.

Key Facts

Primary Offering Size*: Minimum offering $2 million and up to $500 million (Minimum offering has been met)
Current Share Price: $25.00 (Please review the prospectus for possible volume discounts.)
Distribution Schedule**: Monthly
Minimum Initial Investment: $10,000 / $2,500 Non–Qualified Accounts
Distribution Reinvestment Plan: The Parking REIT will offer up to an additional $50 million in shares of its common stock at an initial price of $25.00 per share.
Suitability Requirements: $250,000 net worth or $70,000 annual income + $70,000 net worth and net worth of at least 10 times the amount of the investment in The Parking REIT or similar programs. Some states may require different suitability standards. Please see the prospectus for suitability requirements.
Liquidity: The REIT’s board of directors does not anticipate evaluating a transaction providing liquidity for stockholders until the later of 2018 or three years after the date the offering closes. There is no guarantee that a liquidity event will take place in that time frame or at all. Please see the prospectus for additional information.

* This offering may be terminated at any time.
** Subject to availablity of funds, distributions are expected to be declared monthly. Distributions are not guaranteed. Distributions are currently paid out of capital from offering proceeds.